The hidden beaches of Taganga

Taganga (Santa Marta, Colombia) is characterized by its large bay that bears the same name and the town that lives on its shores. Due to its proximity to the sea, Taganga is a town dedicated to fishing and tourism.

The sea of Taganga Bay is not highly recommended for swimming because its waters are constantly occupied by boats which causes some pollution and murky waters.

However, from Taganga Bay lots of boats depart daily to nearby beaches where the water is cleaner and, therefore, suitable for swimming and snorkeling. That said, the tourist staying in Taganga has two options to get to those adjacent beaches:

  • take a boat in Taganga Bay or

  • hike the hill

If you don't want to spend on sea transport or simply you're an adventurous tourist and want to sweat a little I recommend taking the trail that starts at the extreme right of Taganga Bay. As you go along the road you will notice the similarity with Tayrona Park sidewalks in that there will be times when you will have to go uphill and others downhill, for this reason, it requires a good physical condition and comfortable sports shoes, but it's a great exercise and the view of Taganga Bay is spectacular. Believe me, you will not be able to resist the temptation to stop to take a picture.

When you get to the first beach, you can stay on it or seek for the path to get to the next beach. The key is that the more you walk and hike, the cleaner and more isolated the beach you will find at the end of your walk, but keep in mind that only the busiest beaches, such as Playa Grande and Sisiguaca, will have a restaurant, water vendors and transportation back to Taganga.

These are the hidden beaches of Taganga. You will find them in this same order during your walk:

  • Playa de Pescadores ("Fishermen beach")

  • Playa Grande ("Big Beach" the largest and most visited; you can take a boat in Taganga Bay to get to this beach)

  • Playa Monoguaca ("Monoguaca beach")

  • Playa Lancon ("Lancon beach")

  • Sisiguaca beach

Taganga has a large number of accommodations , restaurants, shops, ice cream parlors, tour operators... After a day at the beach, I recommend dining in the town of Taganga and, afterwards, take a walk through its streets full of tourists (foreigners and nationals) and local inhabitants, or sit and admire the beautiful sunset at Taganga Bay.

Other tourist places that you can visit during your stay in Taganga (check with your tour operator for the cost of these tours):

  • Tayrona National Natural Park (hiking, swimming, snorkeling, camping, diving)

  • Santa Marta City

  • Quinta de San Pedro Alejandrino

  • El Rodadero Beach

  • Lost City

  • Minca

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