Mucura island: turquoise beaches, white sand and mangroves

At the end of February we boarded a boat on the Tolu coast to start our tour of the San Bernardo islands. As they do not have a dock, we had to enter the sea and get into the boat wet by a portable ladder recently set up by the employees of the tour agency. I have traveled by boat on several occasions, but usually I always boarded from a pier. However, for the daring tourist this is not an impediment but an adventure. And certainly traveling by boat to the San Bernardo islands from the Toludean coast is quite an adventure.

Once the boat enters the open sea, the swell increases causing the boat to rise and fall with a crash. It becomes frequent, like every ten or fifteen seconds. Not suitable for those who are prone to nausea in similar situations, but worth it.

They offer you information about the islands of Boqueron, Isla Palma (Palm island), and the artificial islet of Santa Cruz or Santa Cruz del Islote, one of the most densely populated islands in the world. In the latter they offer you the option of getting off the boat to explore it for around 20 minutes either with the help of a local guide or on your own. In the first two islands mentioned, it is not permitted to land because they are private.

At the end of the tour they give you the option of spending the day on the island of Tintipan or on the island of Mucura. We chose Mucura which, fortunately, did have a landing pier.

Soon we found ourselves with an island of turquoise beaches, white sand, mangroves and various accommodation options. From cheap hostels to more expensive hotels like Punta Faro. Crafts, sale of typical sweets, masseurs, local guides who will take you to snorkel ... all this and more offers tourists this beautiful island of turquoise waters.

The tour operator will leave you in the public area of ​​the island since the other part is a hotel zone and, therefore, private. However, I invite you to explore Mucura island and make good use of the time you have on it.

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