Minca, a natural refuge for those looking to get away from city noise

There is a special place I use to go when I want to get away from the noise and stress of the city. That place is Minca, a township located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Colombia). Minca is an ideal place to get in touch with nature and take a well-deserved rest. Many of the accommodations in Minca have hammocks for napping and observing the beauty of the landscape. The best time is when it rains because as you are in the mountains away from the noise, you will only hear the sound of the raindrops and the birds that fly around. It is definitely a refuge where you can find peace.

Main tourist attractions:

  • Minca river (it crosses Minca)

  • Pozo Azul (free entrance)

  • Marinka Falls (the entrance has a cost (per person) quite cheap)

  • Finca La Victoria (coffee farm) offer guided tours (for a fee) and explain to the visitor the entire coffee process, from cultivation to export. The tour ends with a cup of La Victoria coffee.

  • Memory Center of the Sierra Nevada (museum that tells the history of Minca and Sierra Nevada; craft store; wifi, coffee)

  • El Faunal Nature Reserve (located on the path to Pozo Azul, to get to Faunal you must climb a long steep hill. Activities: bird watching, hiking, accommodation, camping, restaurant, night excursions)

  • El Dorado Nature Reserve (ecotourism, bird watching)

  • Kakaw Organic Artisan of Minca (chocolate factory)

Another attraction of Minca is the center of the town where you will find the largest number of restaurants, accommodations, gift shops, crafts, cafes, bars and fast food, among others. However, the main attraction of Minca is the river that bears its name. Some restaurants benefit from it to offer a complete service to the visitor that may also include lodging and bathe in the section of the river to which it has access. In fact, many lodgings in the higher parts of Minca have a private trail that leads to a segment of the Minca river.

Natural pools and waterfalls

When you go to Minca I recommend leaving your vehicle at the accommodation and walking it. Do not take an alternative transport such as taxi or motorcycle. Minca has beautiful vegetation and its pleasant climate is added to it, so I suggest you wear comfortable shoes and walk it whether you want to go to Pozo Azul or to the Marinka Falls. You will have to make a long walk of several hours accompanied by beautiful green landscapes and the sound of different species of birds, and at the end you will find the river that, although it is icy water, is very comforting.

Visitors often bathe in them, the most daring climb the giant stones and jump into the river, but if you are going to do this, make sure there are no strong currents and that the rocks where you are located to jump are not slippery to avoid accidents.

Pozo Azul has several levels of natural pools surrounded by huge rocks. You can climb from the first level to the next highest and you will find another natural pool with its respective waterfall.

Marinka Falls has two levels: the lower one contains a natural pool with a tiny waterfall, in the upper one there is the Marinka waterfall itself. The water is impoverished, but it does not have enough depth to swim, rather it is an area to shower under a dense and refreshing waterfall of cold water.

Other activities and sports that you can do:

  • yoga

  • photography

  • bird watching (around 300 species of birds, between residents and migratory)

  • camping

  • ecotourism

  • cycling

  • hiking

  • trekking

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